Generic API Doc Views

Get a browser started:

>>> from zope.testbrowser.wsgi import Browser
>>> browser = Browser()
>>> browser.addHeader('Authorization', 'Basic mgr:mgrpw')

Not Found View

The APIDOC skin defines a custom not found view, since it fits the look and feel better and does not have all the O-wrap clutter:

>>> # work around for
>>> browser.handleErrors = False
>>> browser.raiseHttpErrors = False
Traceback (most recent call last):
zope.publisher.interfaces.NotFound: ...
>>> browser.handleErrors = True
>>> browser.raiseHttpErrors = True
>>> try:
... except Exception:
...     pass
>>> print(browser.contents)
<h1 class="details-header">
  Page Not Found

  While broken links occur occassionally, they are considered bugs. Please
  report any broken link to
  <a href=""></a>.


The APIDOC skin also does the same for editing preference groups:

>>> print(browser.contents)
<div class="documentation"><p>Preferences for API Docs' Interface Details Screen</p>