The Interface Documentation Module

This documentation module allows you to inspect all aspects of an interface and its role within the Zope 3 framework. The module can be instantiated like all other documentation modules:

>>> from import InterfaceModule
>>> module = InterfaceModule()

After registering an interface

>>> from zope.interface import Interface
>>> class IFoo(Interface):
...     pass
>>> from zope.component.interface import provideInterface
>>> provideInterface(None, IFoo)
>>> provideInterface('IFoo', IFoo)

Now let’s lookup an interface that is registered.

>>> module.get('IFoo')
<InterfaceClass builtins.IFoo>
>>> module.get(IFoo.__module__ + '.IFoo')
<InterfaceClass builtins.IFoo>

Now we find an interface that is not in the site manager, but exists.

>>> module.get('')

Finally, you can list all registered interfaces:

>>> ifaces = sorted(module.items())
>>> from pprint import pprint
>>> pprint(ifaces)
 ('IFoo', <InterfaceClass builtins.IFoo>),
 ('builtins.IFoo', <InterfaceClass builtins.IFoo>),